What Can I Test with Sitebot?

Sitebot can be used to test most websites on the internet. It doesn't matter what tools and technologies the site uses. Below are examples of types of sites Sitebot has been checked to work on:

Web Applications

Sitebot works on web applications, both traditional frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Django or Laravel and JavaScript single page applications built with React, Angular or Vue.

E-commerce pages

All kinds of stores like WooCommerce, Shopify or Magento can be tested with Sitebot.

Static websites

Sites built with content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, website builder tools or just pure HTML!

Websites that cause issues

Because Sitebot can't record a user's keyboard due to security reasons, sites that rely on textual input (for example search engines) can't be tested automatically and need additional configuration. Sitebot can't test sites that are entirely built on canvas, Flash, Polymer or other special technologies that don't utilize website DOM.

Types of test patterns:

Sitebot can test most website features, here are some examples of most common test cases:

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