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Sitebot launches a browser and visits a website. It's AI autonymously logs in and checks that everything works.

What is Sitebot?

Sitebot is a service that automates website testing and tirelessly monitors that your site works.

In beta, Sitebot tests your website's login. Its goal is to cover the most important website functionalities.

Downtime will eventually happen to everyone and leads to lost visitors and customers.

Get notified when anything goes wrong on your website.

Simpler monitors don't ensure that your website really works for visitors.

Sitebot tests that your site is working as it should.

Manually creating and maintaining tests takes valuable time.

Creating a Sitebot test is easy and only takes minutes.

Try Sitebot out!

Try Sitebot on your website before starting your trial. Enter your website homepage and Sitebot will check if it can log in.

The site needs to be in English.

Sitebot's AI understands how websites work

The AI learns how sites work by visiting hundreds of unique websites. It's algorithms get better over time as it tests more websites.

With Sitebot, you don't need to maintain your own tests. When you make changes to your site, Sitebot will still understand it.

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Login working

Sitebot visits your website like a real visitor

The only way to make sure that your website is working for your visitors is to visit your site with a real web browser.

Sitebot helps you to find problems quickly by emailing you screenshots and error messages as soon as things go wrong.

Sitebot detects:

  • HTML errors
  • Javascript errors
  • Files that fail to load
  • Server errors
  • SSL errors
  • Authentication errors

Sitebot uses Google Chrome, the same browser that 59% of your customers use!

Set up your monitor in 5 minutes

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All plans are on sale while Sitebot is in beta. Secure your beta pricing by starting today! Contact for custom plans.

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Questions & Answers

My hosting provider already monitors my website. What do I need sitebot for?

Your host may monitor that your site is technically online, but does not check that it's working as intended. Sitebot makes sure your website is really working as it should.

Why do I need Sitebot if I have my own tests and monitors?

Depending on how your tests are set up, they may not catch every error. Errors like broken HTML or JS may only be discoverable using an actual browser.

Why does Sitebot only do login tests?

Sitebot will perform other tests in the future. Logging in to a website is an essential task that may fail due to many reasons.

Why is only Google Chrome supported?

In the beta phase, Chrome is the only browser to run tests with because it's the most popular one. Running tests with Firefox and Internet Explorer are on the development roadmap.

Are you storing test passwords securely?

All test passwords are encrypted using AES-256 with a secret key. When a test runs, the program decrypts the encrypted test password (the unencrypted password is only visible to the program). You should create a test user with minimum permissions to run tests. Your user account password is secured using a more secure one-way encryption.

Is Sitebot an AI?

It's not a superintelligent AI; it's an AI in a way that it simulates the way a real human makes decisions on a website. It learns patterns from websites to understand how other sites work.

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