Make sure your website works

Sitebot learns how your website works by analyzing users' clicks.
It then automatically tests that your site keeps working as it should.

Downtime and errors happen

Broken websites cost money. Don't make your users notify you of errors!

You need tests to make sure your site keeps working, but creating and maintaining your own tests takes valuable time.

Make sure that your website works

Add a script to your website

The Sitebot JavaScript snippet anonymously analyzes your users' clicks on your site.

Sitebot generates tests

Sitebot learns patterns for the most important functionalities on your website.

Automatic website testing

Setup your test with just a few clicks and Sitebot will alert you by email when something goes wrong!

Discover and fix bugs faster

Sitebot tests your website with a real browser to check that your site works. It emails you screenshots and error messages to help you discover and fix bugs, regressions and other problems as soon as they appear.

You can also track test running times and detect loading issues.

Sitebot detects:

  • HTML errors
  • JavaScript errors
  • Files that fail to load
  • Server errors
  • SSL errors
  • Slow pages
Error on page: /login
Not Found: image.jpg (404)
Test completed in 12.47s

Sitebot runs tests using Google Chrome, the same browser that 61% of your customers use!


All plans are on sale while Sitebot is in beta!


beta price:
$ 15 / mo
$ 20 / mo
per website

scheduled tests every 60 min

10 API calls/day


beta price:
$ 75 / mo
$ 100 / mo
per website

scheduled tests every 5-60 min

unlimited API calls


Got many websites or an agency?

14-day free trial after running your first test. No credit card required.


I'm Hannu Jaakkola, the founder of As a web developer, I need to be sure the websites I'm developing always work.

I created Sitebot to help me and others build & ship with more confidence.

Questions & Answers

Do I need to run the tests?

You don't need to run anything yourself, Sitebot provides everything for you automatically.

What if my website requires logging in?

Sitebot knows how to log in to most sites. You can provide test user credentials and Sitebot automatically logs in to your website.

Can I test my staging/testing environment?

You can run tests on multiple versions of the same website with webhooks or the API.

Can Sitebot be integrated with other services?

Sitebot can run tests by using webhooks, for example from GitHub, Gitlab or BitBucket. You can also call the API programmatically.

Is the Sitebot JavaScript snippet safe?

The snippet only collects clicks anonymously. No data will be shared with third parties. The script is tiny; you can view the source code here.

Why do I need Sitebot if I already have my own tests?

Depending on how your tests are set up, they may not catch every error. Your tests might require maintaining when you make changes to your website.

Why is only Google Chrome supported?

In the beta phase, Chrome is the only browser to run tests with because it's the most popular one. Running tests with Firefox and Internet Explorer are on the development roadmap.